Sender Unknown.

Begin message. I really should have known better. If you were here you would say ‘I told you so’ sure as I’m standing. But unfortunately the place I’m currently standing is not exactly a welcoming environment for humans. Remember all those times back when we were in school, gosh it feels like forever ago doesn’t it? Back to the subject at hand, do you remember all those times that I was excused from class for special training because I’m a Har’Hadon? Well it turns out that all those training sessions were leading up to this. But you still don’t know what ‘this’ is, do you? Of course not, there is no possible way for someone of your clearance level to know this kind of thing. If my superiors knew that I was telling you they’d probably have a fit, but that won’t matter before long. I’ve reached the tower walls now. They really are as high as everyone says. There, I’ve just finished securing the X-1 bomb to the southernmost wall at ground level. They really are quite advanced as bombs go, Dr. Quellingdash has truly outdone himself this time. To think that something the size of my fist can contain such horrible power. Now is where I get as far from this thing as is humanly, or should I say Har’Hadon-ly, possible. A hundred thousand meters should suffice, but I’ll make is a hundred fifty just to be extra sure. Alright, all that I have to do now is press the detonator. Oh. Oh my. It’s a good thing I went the extra fifty thousand meters, in fact I probably should have gone fifty more. I’m sure you heard the explosion, it was a sight to behold. The entire tower crumbled in on itself like a hollow sand castle, only this was a five mile high titanium sand castle that has stood for over a thousand years of war. With the tower down our enemies will have no way to communicate, which will give us the strategic advantage. Maybe we’ll win and the fighting can finally stop. It’s been good to talk to you, you’ll get this message soon, it’s only a seven hour transmission delay to send something to Mars. I hope that you’re doing well on the red planet, in a few years the heat from our dying sun will kill all life on Mars. Earth too, come to think of it. I hope that you’re safely out of the system by then. Enemy scouts will be arriving soon, I don’t stand a chance against them, and we’ve been trained to avoid being taken as prisoners at all costs, so this really is goodbye. Don’t worry, my end will be swift and painless in the way we’ve all been taught. Give my love to everyone back home and especially to yourself. You always were my favorite person back in our dump heap of a municipality. Okay, here I go. Ugh, this pill really is gross tasting. Oh! And if you ever attain that omniscient knowledge that you’ve sought all these years, find out why we started this war in the first place. End message.